Dancers are eligible for solos/duos/trios at the age of 8 years old. Before that age, it is up to the faculty to decide if a dancer is ready to take to the stage. Learning choreography for competition requires a lot of hard work and dedication, and dancers may be asked to polish their solo on weekends to make sure it is ready for adjudicators to see. Learning choreography for the competition is a wonderful way to increase technique, confidence, and self-discipline. At Elite dancers learn choreography over 4 hours of time, though this amount of time could be different for each choreographer. Usually, choreography is learned in the Summer with ‘cleaning’ sessions taking place in the Fall.

Each season dancers can put in a Request for Choreography. The faculty will then review the request, and if accepted designate a choreographer. Dancers are able to request a specific choreographer, but we can not guarantee that the choreographer will accept the request.

A note that solo/duo/trio choreography is only available to our competitive dancers.

Choreography Rates

Choreography rates are based on a few factors :

  • the experience of the choreographer
  • if the choreographer lives in on the Mainland or on the Island
  • the amount of time the dancer needs to learn
  • the amount of time the dancer needs to perfect the work
  • industry rate standards

Why are solos/duos/trios more expensive than a dance class?

  • These special creations are custom-tailored for each individual dancer. Think of it like asking a professional painter to paint you a custom portrait from scratch. Every stroke of the painters’ brush is years of training and dedication to their craft. The time your dancer spends with the choreographer is also a private lesson, and private time costs more than a dance class.

At each session, the dance is filmed by the parent for the dancer to practice between sessions and then leading up to the performance.

Dancers are able to take their solos to the competitions chosen by Elite each season. The following are subject to change for the 2023/24 season.

  • Summit
  • Versastyle
  • Star Talent

      Our Elite Performance Team (group choreography) will launch this Summer 2023. Which will include bi-weekly group rehearsals, 3 competitions, one convention abroad, and local performance opportunities. Elite Performance Team rehearsals will run on Saturdays and possibly some weekdays as well.